Elasticity Restoration & Firming

Elasticity Restoration and Firming

For skin type:Elasticity Restoration & Firming
For skin with poor elasticity and sagging facial contours and skin that lacks collagen
The Elasticity Restoration model injects collagen and elastic fiber directly into the skin. It effectively improves the epidermis and loose cutaneous tissue and reduces existing fine lines and wrinkles. When excessive dead skin layer and clogged pores are present, it is recommended to start with exfoliating or pores unclogging, then add elastic fibronectin “E.P.T.” and a highly concentrated collagen to enhance the absorption capacity of basal cells and thoroughly prevent secondary damages to the skin from UV.
Use alone or with any other treatment. Once a week, six times a course and two courses a cycle, and supplement with in-home skin care.

Deluxe Collagen Firming Facial:

Treatment Duration:
90 minutes
Unit Price:
300 CAD/1 Session
240 CAD/6 Session
195 CAD/12 Session
Ideal for :
Rough, dehydrated, inelastic, tired, loose, wrinkled skin and people who need their skin reconditioned.
Treatment effects :
The Golden Extreme Collagen interacts with organic water to disintegrate and restore highly concentrated collagen protein to form a more sophisticated collagen peptides, which can repair thousands of skin cells at a time.
The unique biological affinity among intercellular substances provide large amount of hyaluronic acid and collagen to basal cells, assisting fibrous tissue to produce collagen, and increase skin tightness and elasticity!
Products for skincare at home :
Cellular Relaxing Treatment, Lotion Hydratante, CellulissMultiactivator, Celluliss Intense Complex

Ultimate Nourishing and Firming Care:

Treatment Duration:
110 minutes
Unit Price:
200 CAD/1 Session
160 CAD/6 Session
130 CAD/12 Session
Ideal for :
Dehydrated dry skin and skin with poor elasticity due to insufficient nutrition
Treatment effects :
The unique breakthrough formula – elastin fibronectin “E.P.C” and fibroblast growth factors etc. penetrate the basal cells; fresh plant cells quickly supply lost moisture and nutrients to increase the moisture capacity of cells by 200% -300%. The “E.P.C” strengthens the tenacity and fullness of fibre cells by 197% and reduces existing fine lines and wrinkles.
Products for skincare at home :
Nutriskin Nourishing Cream, Syllectin Wrinkle Reducer Cream, Cellular Treatment Activator, Revital Cellular Night Cream